Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Christian Greetings!

Dear All,

Lately I have been busy in the field. I would like to share many stories how the work is going on here. Until then, take care and please do pray for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3rd Klang Valley Indian Youth Camp

By the Transforming grace of God, Another successful camp was held for young people from 20th - 22nd March, 2009, In Taman Alam, Kuala Selangor. Many young people REVIVED by this camp and they are on fire... They are ready to spread this FIRE to their friends who are still out there.

Youth Alive concept are introduced for the first time in Indian settings. It is a historic event for us. Many young people open themselves to their FG (Friendship Group) in sharing and listening. God's work during this camp was something remarkable. We strongly believe that, GOD IS CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING. It is impossible to live a life without God.

In this camp, four main areas to revive in our life were covered. These areas are:-
1. Revive Myself
2. Revive My Family
3. Revive My Friends
4. Revive My Soul

In all these four areas, there were four speakers who brought to us revival message. They are Pr. James, Pr. David Kumar, Brother Daniel Thacana Moorthy, and Brother Steven Joe. God used them mightily to make these youth to know GOD's will.

Other than that, many activities were done in FGs. It is where, they open themselves to their FG members, and shared their feelings. Facilitators of the groups played an important roles in making this camp a success. Those leaders are Jeffrey James, Thacana Moorthy, Sheryllane and Renitta E.

At the last day of the camp, during the last session, many young people return to God. They are revived and on fire for GOD. Before they depart from the camp site, they were happy for attending this camp. May GOD's Spirit be with these young people in making the faith on fire spread...

Robert J Agustin

VBS 2009, First Season

On 15th - 17th March, 2009, Vacation Bible School was held in Puchong Indian Church. Many children came to this school break activity, and they really enjoy everything in Christ... There were coloring activities, glittering arts, bible stories, health messages, Clown show, Balloon Sculpturing, Singing and games...

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these". (Matt 19:14) Let them have fun in the church and let the church be the place where they will find fun and love in Christ. Church is the place where this children grow, if we neglect them, that means we are corrupting their growth and this will impact and shape their future into something we don't want them to be. As a Christian, we should let this children feel that they are at home with Christ.

Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World...

Robert J Agustin

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CIT - Training in Mission Office

From Left: Photo 1 (Sheron and Miriam during the class), Photo 2 Jeremy and Pragash,
Photo 3 Side snap shot of group picture, Photo 4 Group Photo of Pathfinder
CIT- Training in PEM

"After a long time, I have found back this church!"

Dear friends in Christ,
On Saturday, February 21st, 2009, An Eighty Five years old man brought by Mrs. Sarah Nadarajoo to our Puchong Indian Church. Mr. Moses Sinnapen was baptized in our SDA church 30 years ago when the Sungai Way Indian Church was in Kampung Gandhi. He knows Pr. V N Joseph, and other pioneers of this church. When I talked to him, He said, "This is the True Church, after a long time of searching, I have found this church back". I was so happy to hear such a charasmatic and affirming clarification from him. He added, "I will come to this church daily and I love this church". All my members in Puchong got excited and admire Mr. Moses Sinnapen's enthusiasm and activeness even though he is really old. Praise The Lord for bringing Mr. Moses Sinnapen back to the church. Please pray for his health and his family.

Great By Transforming Grace of God,
Robert J Agustin

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Special Visitors On Sabbath!

From Left: Pr. Enoch Manickam ( Treasurer of Southeast India Union of SDA), Pr. R John (President of Southern Asia Division of SDA, Pr. Ratnam of Tamil Nadu Conference)

On Sabbath Morning, Sungai Way Church Members were blessed by these visitors' visitation and wonderful inspiring sermon from Pr. R. John.
He was preaching on God's miraculous protection and guidance in our life.
After the sabbath worship, we had fellowship together. During that time we came to know more about each other. God Bless Them.. Let them continue in the work of inspiring and preparing more people unto His kingdom..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surfing On God's Plan

Charles Spurgeon said, "When you have great desires for heavenly things, when your desires are such as God approves of, when you want what God wants, then you will have what you like."

That's the key- When your desires are such as approves of, Get your will in alignment with His...

How do you do it?
1. Spend time on God's presence
2. Be at home in His Words
3. Study the Bible
i) Get it into your blood
ii) Know it well
4. Apply What you read and let God change your outlook.

(This Writing was inspired by my dearest pastor)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Health Screening - Desa Mentari

Sunway - Adventist Community Service of Seventh-day Adventist Corporation (Malaysia) Bhd. and its joint venture from the Persatuan Penduduk B5 Desa Mentari organized a Free Health Screening for the Desa Mentari’s community. It was held at the Desa Mentari B5 hall.

Guests of Honor whom attended this Free Health Screening was Member of Parliament of Kelana Jaya, YB Loh Gwo Burne and EXCO member of Selangor State Goverment, YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad. They had a chance to mingle around with the locals and get to know their needs. They even took part in the health checkups.

This event has attracted many people from Desa Mentari regardless of their ethnicity. People who registered for this free health checkups were more than 150 people. This event also brought the community into awareness of living a good healthy life.

This event became a success with the help of Adventist Community Services volunteers, few nurses from Klang Valley and also the Sunway Pathfinder Club of the Sungai Way Adventist Indian Church.